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Free Shipping in UK & Made in USA

Payments and Shipping



We try our best to process all orders within 24 hours on working days. This may take longer if PayPal has flagged the transaction as possible fraud, in which case we will notify you immediately to resolve the situation or if there are issues with shipping, in which case you will also be notified.

* All shipments have tracking except Royal First Class or Next Day.

Shipping Times

Unboxed Crest Whitestrips

 1-2 Working Days

Free Expedited Delivery 

(Signed for Additional Cost)

Retail Sealed Crest Whitestrips

3-6 Working Days

Free Standard Delivery


  *This is the advised delivery time provided by the shipping carriers to major cities in the UK. Delivery times may take longer if you live in a rural area, if the carriers or customs are experiencing delays or if delays are being experienced due to holiday periods. Delivery times are calculated from the time of shipment, not from the time of payment.

Some deliveries may take longer in rare cases where the shipping carrier is experiencing delays such as weather or freight vendor issues.

CustomsSome packages must pass through customs to reach their destination. We cannot dictate the length of time taken to process incoming packages and cannot be held accountable for delays concerning the customs process. Most packages pass through with no issue. As the availability of stock is always fluctuating, packages may be shipped from other shipping centres to allow the order to be fulfilled. Customs fees are paid upon shipment. Cali White is not liable for any customs errors or extra charges that may be incurred.

Shipping Disclaimer: When ordering from most orders are shipped from our Sawston, UK shipping center outside of London. Occasionally when orders are out of stock in the UK we will ship from our New York City, USA shipping centre or our closest in stock shipping centre in Europe. We do this to make sure our UK customers can always have the products in stock. If your order is shipped from the New York shipping center, it will be sent expedited and usually takes 3-6 business days also. 

Shipping Centres:

We have shipping centers in the following locations:

  • New York City - United States
  • Sawston - United Kingdom
  • Berlin - Germany


We accept all major Credit and Debit Cards. We also accept PayPal. PayPal is our payment processor as well, which is the most secure in the world.
Also PayPal protects the Buyer for any transaction, so it is risk free.

Incorrect Address Policy*

You would not believe how many people put in the wrong address! Please be careful and triple check your shipping address before placing your order.

You need to let us know immediately if your address is incorrect. Our shipping centre dispatches orders very quickly and we are unable to change your address once your order has left the shipping centre. If this occurs, you will need to place another order, so please be very very careful.

We try our best to respond as quickly as possible to address change emails but we cannot guarantee we will see them in time depending on when you placed your order so PLEASE make sure you check your address thoroughly before placing your order..

Return to Sender Packages

If your package tracking shows a 'Return to Sender' scan, this can be due to an incorrect address, or if the package was delivered to a Delivery Office or Post Office and was not collected by the customer in time. If this occurs due to an incorrect address provided, the initial charge of shipping will be deducted from the refund value as well as the return shipping charge of £8. If the package is delivered to a Royal Mail Delivery Office and is not claimed within an appropriate amount of time, the buyer will be refunded their purchase price minus the return shipping charge of £8. We are charged a large fee for undeliverable packages. We take on most of this cost. The buyer is liable for the above amounts as per this policy.

Delivery Policy

Due to many fraudulent claims, if a package tracking shows a delivery scan, where the package has not been left at a depot or other pick-up site where it must be manually retrieved, we are not able to reissue packages or provide refunds for packages claimed to have not been received. All package tracking shows update scans at specific points in the transit journey and we are able to locate packages if they are delivered to a Postal Depot for pick-up. If this occurs we will provide you with the tracking details to allow for a successful pick-up of your package from the designated location.


All returns must be requested via email. Please request a return by sending us an email at 

No returns will be accepted for products that have been opened, had the tamper proof plastic removed, or those which are in such a condition that they cannot be resold.

We do not currently accept returns for Unboxed Crest Whitestrips Treatments. 

 Usage Disclaimer

Cali White and its subsidiaries cannot be held accountable for any negative reactions experienced by the proper use of Crest brand products. The Crest brand of Whitening treatments are the safest on the market but negative reactions can occur in very rare cases. All Crest products sold by Cali White are genuine and have not been tampered with in any way. Please use products as instructed by Crest. If you experience any negative reaction to your product, please contact us immediately.


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