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"My name is Melissa, I recommend Crest 3d white strips. They seem to work great for me!!!! they are a little pricey but worth the extra dollar. I recently using Crest 3d advanced seal after couple of days I saw the great results, I think the pain is worth it because I got compliment from my friends that my teeth is really white. "


"I've used Crest White strips before and they definitely work. I love to have a bright smile any time of the year, though I always find myself yearning for a smile make-over when spring hits. I have used Crest 3D White Strips Intensive Professional Effects model over the course of a months and delivered amazing results and REALLY whitened my teeth. "Jenny"


On sale, Crest 3d white strips are a great value, stay on your teeth well. These strips work and less expensive that dental methods. I want a good level of teeth whitening but I am a little worried about teeth sensitivity. Since recommended me to used Crest Advanced Vivid it works! and I wasn't expect on the results too, this product is delivered great results I will try other white strips. Thanks Crest 3d!!!! "Hazel"


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