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Track Your Parcel

This Guide Will Help You Track Your Parcel

1. Your package will be sent via the DHL Global Mail Packet Plus service. 
The first tracking number you receive will be for the DHL tracking and the number will look something like this,  GM295340637100320829. This number can be searched at
The DHL tracking page will show scans as the package transits to your location. The DHL tracking page will look like this:
2. The number at the top of the tracking page is the DHL tracking number and the RX number in the top right section under 'Delivery by Postal Provider' is your local Royal Mail tracking number. 
You can search your local Royal Mail tracking number at This will give you more details as it moves with Royal Mail through the UK.
3. If there is an attempted delivery for your package, you will see something similar to below:
4. If you see this, please search your Royal Mail tracking number at
You will then be provided with more information from Royal Mail in regards to your package:
5. To find the details for the Royal Mail Delivery Office (PDO) where your package is located, please search your Post Code at
You will be provided with the details for your nearest PDO and it should match the name of the PDO shown on your original Royal Mail tracking search unless the PDO has moved which sometimes happens. The PDO details will look like this:
You can call the number displayed, 03456 021 021, and select the number 4 when prompted to 'make a complaint about the service'. This will put you through to a Royal Mail representative who will ask you for your Royal Mail tracking number. It is the RX tracking number in the top right of the DHL tracking page as previously discussed. 
Royal Mail will ask you for some details and will work with you to organise a redelivery or a pick up from the Delivery Office (PDO) location near to your address. 

If you need further assistance, please contact our support team and we will gladly help you with any issues you are having :)

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